Tania Gheerbrant 

After-image #2
Smooth evolution
Known Shadows
After-image #1
It’s raining today
come tomorrow ︎

Escape From Dystopia
Navigation of feeling




SOON ︎︎︎︎

April 2023_ Un lac inconnu, cur. Vittoria Matarrese
Bally Foundation, Lugano, CH

Septembre  2023_Group Show Au Lieu,
Cur. Noélia Portela, Paris, FR

September 2023_ Table Ronde, AWARE Archives of Women Artists, Research and Exhibitions / With (TBC) Clara Schulmann, Angelica Mesiti, Caroline Reveillaud.
Cur. Noélia Portela Paris, FR

November 2023 
Soloshow at  HYBRID Box_Hellerau, 
Cur. pylon-lab, Dresden, DE


ON ︎︎︎︎

Lauréate Drac AIC IDF Project  : Twin in the clouds and other Story (2022-2023)

In residency at Mains d’Œuvres 2022-2023

Co-funder and membre in.plano, artist-run-space, FR

Membre de Initiative for Practices and Visions of Radical Care, lead by Elena Sorokina et Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez.

Active speaker Laboratoire Espace Cerveau, IAC, Institut d’art contemporain — Villeurbanne/Rhône-Alpes

Member « Comité Cultures et Création » Fondation de France, 2022-2024

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